The aim of raiding in Fallen Aspects is to have fun while gaining progression in a guild-team format. We must strive to reach the end of the current tier’s content while enjoying the company.

The following information includes rules regarding the leading team, general conduct, raiding requirements, attendance and sign ups, use of voice comms, loot distribution, the ranks, the GBank and GRepairs. Every raider needs to be 100% familiar with the raiding rules. 

The Raid Leading Team

The progression Raid Leader is Monaris. He will be assisted by Xenodae.

Should you have any raiding problems, you are to speak to the Assist RL before approaching the RL (Mom is only here to look pretty).

The Assist RL has the authority of the RL, unless the RL says otherwise.

The RL's decision will always be final if one can't be made democratically within the team.

The RLs will put up Homework Assignments and link videos and text guides for the bosses to be faced. 

The RLs have the authority to bench any player at any time for any reason that is deemable of the punishment.

General Raider Conduct

FA thrives on a fun and friendly raiding environment, with a pinch of ambition. We encourage 
- A positive attitude
- A sense of commitment to the team progressing, including preparation
- Light banter, as long as we are not in the middle of a discussion regarding tactics
- Informing the RLs if you need to leave due to [reasons]
- Helping each other by offering constructive critism
- Common decency and respect for each other
- Constantly learning new things about your class / spec / role.

The following behaviour and/or circumstances of any raid member will not be tolerated, and, they will be asked not to join the raids for a certain period of time according to the severity of the circumstance. If the behaviour continues upon return, the raider will be dealt with by the guild Elders.
- Personal attacks on any other team member. Situation > Person. Always.
- Rolling on loot that is not applicable for their spec, and not passing it on to the correct person, or to the RL/ML.
- Lack of preparation.
- Consistently bad performance.
- Causing any drama that deters the progress of the team. This can be anything from leaving the group with no explanation, hindering communication or causing raid to come to a sudden halt for more than 10 minutes. We are a drama-free, “mature” raid group. Let’s keep it that way.
- Rage quitting.
- Linking meters in /raid. We all have an addon that tells us who did what damage, who took what damage. Discuss it, and link in /w if necessary.
- Continuous negativity. Yes, we will face difficult encounters, but we must work together as a team to overcome these. We will get nowhere if we are not confident in our own, and each other’s abilities.
- Plain bad attitude. 

Raiding Requirements

iLevel:  The ilvl requirements are:
- NH Nm: 870
- ToV Hc: 865
- ToV Nm: 850
- EN Mythic: 860 
- EN Heroic: 845 

Raiders are expected to carry out pre-raid event preparations, which include the following:
- Spending time researching the mechanics of each boss encounter. While the RLs may put up Homework Assignments, guides and videos are easily available on Wowhead, Icy Veins, FatBoss TV, Line of Sight Gaming and especially Proper Bird (which the RLs prefer, but tend to take a while before release).
- Enchanting and gemming with the best possible enchants and gems. If you are not able to make them yourself, check the guild roster to find other players who have the recipes for the item you would like. BYoM~
- Ensuring that they have all their consumables on arrival at the instance. This includes flasks, potions, the best available food, health potions, all of which should be the most applicable to their spec - a Mage showing up to raid with Unbending Potions is just not acceptable. Vantus Runes and Defiled Augment Runes are for use at your own discretion in Normal, but would be highly beneficial for progression in Heroic or up.
- Collecting any weekly bonus roll items before arriving.
- Keeping informed of which gear items are relevant for your spec so that you know what pieces drop from which boss encounter.
- Updating any necessary addons before arriving. Sometimes, players update before logging in and playing for hours, without knowing that a new update is released shortly before raid. One can ask their fellow raid members if you are unsure. 

Required Addons:
- Raiders must have installed and updated: Deadly Boss Mods or Big Wigs, whichever the raider is comfortable with.
- A meter addon such as Skada or Recount is also mandatory (although not required to have visible during encounters).
EPGPLootmaster for the loot window in raids and EPGP (DKP Reloaded) for keeping track of the system between fellow guild members. 

Suggested Addons:
Weak Auras 2 or Tell Me When which are useful to assist in spec-specific ability management. 
Exorsus Raid Tools for general raiding information.
Keyed to keep track of Mythic+ keys available between guild members.
HealBot ContinuedGridVuhDo or Clique can assist with keybinding, and is especially useful for healers.
ElvUI or any other UI addon that will assist in keeping your screen neat.
Miks Scrolling Combat Text for easy-to-read combat numbers.
GTFO for keeping track of standing in voidzones etc.
Tidyplates for easy-to-use player frames.
Omen Threat Meter for tanks to keep track of aggro.
Pawn for easy-to-use management of  possible,gear upgrades and impact of priority stats.

Raid Attendance and Signing Up to Events

Raiders are required to commit to keep the team as static as possible. An ever changing team will lead to too many instances of re-explanation of tactics, and even changes due to team build. Progression Raiders will be asked to keep a 75% attendance [three out of four raid nights consecutively], or risk losing their raid spot to another player.

Raiders need to be on time. If you know you will be late, inform the RLs by posting a note on the Raidplaner or on the FB group and tagging both.

While we do understand that IRL comes first, this does mean that it’s of vital importance that raiders inform the RLs should an emergency occur. A raider can do this by again, posting a note on the Raidplaner or on the FB group and tagging both. 

Should a raider experience problems during raid that leads them to leaving, they need to contact the RLs as soon as possible.  If you DC, you will be given a few minutes to log back in.  If you are unable to log back in, use the Facebook or forum platforms to inform the RLs.

Raiders will be requested to sign up in game and through the guild forums by clicking on Raidplaner on the Menu bar. Here is a 101 to use the system.

The Raidplaner allows for raiders to leave a note along with their sign up or non-commital. Raiders should leave a note if they meet circumstances that might change their attendance.

Please note the following carefully:
- Attending [Accept in game]: The raider will be online and ready at invite time. This must be set an hour before invites start.
- Absent [Decline in game]: The raider is unable to join the raid.
- Attend with Note [Tentative in game]: The raider is unsure of circumstances. Tentative signs must be changed to Accepted or Declined one hour before invites go out.
Should a player sign as Accepted and not pitch without an emergency post in the Raidplaner or the FB group, they will be benched for the next raid night. Should a player sign as Tentative and not change their status before the one hour prior mark, they will not be invited unless the RL so decides.

If a raider does not sign up, a spot can’t be planned for that raider. 

Voice Comms

Raiders are required to have TeamSpeak3 Discord installed and updated, and be connected to the Fallen Aspects server prior to the start of raiding. Having a microphone is optional. 

Raiders are requested to speak English so that everyone understands and can participate in the conversation. 

Push-To-Talk is a requirement. No one wants to hear your conversation with your spouse, your kids running around like lunatics or how tasty your dinner is.

It is also asked that raiders not raise their voices, as some guild members do have sensitive ears, and no one likes being spoke over.  

Loot Distribution

- Loot will be distributed according to the EPGP system. Here is the info page for EPGP and how we will use it in FA.
- Main spec is regarded as the spec you arrive in to fulfill in the raid. If you arrive to DPS, and switch to tank half way through, you will still roll for DPS gear as your main spec, and the tanking gear as off-spec. This is not applicable if you switch toons halfway, you will then roll on the spec you arrived to fulfil.
- BoE gear that drops is the property of the player that looted the item - and what to do with that item is the discretion of that player. Should the player place the item in the guild bank, Raiders can speak to any Elder or Officer to get it for their toon. If no one wants the gear item, it will be put up on the AH for the benefit of the guild's gold deposit, and if not sold, will be disenchanted for mats. If a player is caught selling the item for personal gain, they will be dealt with by the guild Elders.
- Any BoP gear that is not claimed by the end of raid time will be disenchanted for the Gbank. 
- Loot disputes must be discussed with the RLs or ML as soon as possible should there be any issues.

Guild Ranks

GM: The player with the highest authority in the guild. The GM makes final decisions in regards to how the guild is managed, how resources are managed and general leadership to keep the guild successful.

Elder: Players that carry the authority of the GM. Elders are the examples of the guild members. They are there to help guild members, sort ranks, update notes, organise the GBank, withdraw GBank items for players that ask, and keep the peace within the guild. Guild members are encouraged to speak to any Elder if there is a problem. Take note, though, the Elders are not there to boost you, to give you gold or to waste their time amusing you. They also want to enjoy this wonderful world! 

Dragon: These members have earned this rank by committedly raiding, showing growth and consistent performance and continuously showing guild contribution. Progression Raiders will receive higher GRepairs as well as withdrawal access to special raider only tabs in the GBank. To keep this rank, players need to show continued commitment and dedication to the team, as well as contributing to the guild and its growth. Any community-building activity will be seen as a contribution and counts towards being promoted to the Dragon rank, as a Fallen Aspects Progression Raider. After missing the 75% required attendance for two weeks, players will be demoted back to Drake, and will be required to retrial.

Drake: Players in this rank have shown interest in joining progression raiding events. They will be placed in this rank to gain minor GRepairs, but be able to view the raider tabs in the GBank. Once the player has shown commitment and dedication, consistency, as well as guild contribution, they will be promoted to Progression Raider. Should a player not join a raid for more than two weeks, they will be promoted back to Wyvern.

Wyvern: Players in this rank just want to hang out in the guild, join for achievements or social events such as off-raid nights. They are talkative in guild, and just want to enjoy the game. Social members will have access to a General GBank tab, and can view the guild Materials tabs. GRepairs will be limited. After two months of inactivity, players in this rank will be demoted to Lost Whelpling, along with their alts.

Chimaera: This rank is for all the alts of progression raiders and social members alike. Please ensure that your alts are marked well enough for the Elders to know who is who. 

Lost Whelpling: Players that have been inactive for two months will be placed into this rank. They will be moved back to Social Member on return, or removed from the guild after a total six months inactivity.

Hatchling: New guild members will always land in this rank first. They will be promoted to Social Member after two weeks activity within the guild, noted that they are seen by the Elders. Newcomers can also be promoted to Trial Raider should they show interest in raiding with the progression team.  

Guild Bank and Guild Repairs

The GBank is a communal facility that guild members can use to exchange items between themselves.

Guild members are encouraged to place items that they have in excess (such as materials, gear upgrade items or any consumables) into the guild bank so that another player may request the item, or take it out should they have the permissions to. It is highly likely that you may place an item that you don’t need to find an item in the GBank that you do. However, items that are placed in the GBank but are deemed unnecessary (or don’t move out after a period) will be sold and the gold returned for repairs.

The GBank will be stocked up, using provided materials, for emergency raiding needs. Pots, flasks, gems, enchants, and other necessary items will be placed in raider only tabs for this purpose. Trial Raiders will be able to view these items, while Progression Raiders will be able to withdraw from these tabs.

Take note: Any item placed in the GBank becomes the property of FA. Any player that is caught stealing items from the GBank to sell or abuse (eg, giving the item to a non-guildie friend that is not raiding with us), that player will be approached by the Elders, and disciplinary action taken. 

Raiding is an expensive affair when it comes to repair costs, and while the guild would like to provide for this as much as possible, it takes a toll on the guild’s funds when there is no gold formally coming in. Thus, GRepairs will be almost non-existent for the Trial Raider rank to encourage players to farm their own gold in this period.

Raiders also need to appreciate having GRepairs, making the Progression rank something to work towards. 

Should a guild member feel the urge to contribute towards the Guild Goldpile, you are welcome to use the addon Guild Tithe. This addon allows a percentage of the gold you have earned to be set aside, and deposited automatically into the GBank when you visit it again. You can download the folder here, which you can drop into your Interface>Addons folder.

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em