Who (and where) is the best to approach if I have guild- and/or raiding-related questions?

You will almost always find an Elder online or on Discord (unless it's like three in the morning and they're all sleeping). 

You will also find that different Elders are better equipped at answering certain questions, so approaching them would be better than others. The next point will tell you who's best to ask which kinds of questions.

Discord has a special #questions text channel that you can also post your question and we will answer your question as soon as we can. Perhaps you aren't the only person looking for the answer to your question, so it might even help out other guildies by asking it there.

You can also use the FA Facebook group and tag any of the Elders (the group Admins are your Elders). We are all there and often check up on things, post things or *ahem* talk about things there.

 Who are the Elders even?

The Elders are the Officers. There are currently seven of us, and we are all different kinds of people and different kinds of players. Here's a quick greet and meet (in case you haven't met them before).

Araban is the lurker Elder. He is often busy in the background, making sure that things are sorted or that unsureties become certains. He spends his time in game as a clunky Enhancement Shaman, but can be occassionally seen tanking on his DH. He is online randomly throughout the day and on weekends.

Fluffybrewy is the keeper of the peace in the guild. He spends his time playing on his Monk, but secretly loves Warlocks (but don't tell anyone). He is online most days at random times.

Kinzoku is the disciplinarian. Although she might sound feral, she really does want to help guildies in the limited time she has in game. She is a master bag crafter, collects all the achievements she can get her paws on and likes to keep general order. She is available mostly in the evenings and weekends.

Shenshi aka Monaris is the more hardcore RL and the maker of the mom jokes. He enjoys creating Weak Auras and fishing, talking tactics and logs, and debating different ideas. In his spare time, he sleeps. He is available evenings and weekends.

Xenodae is the GM and believes she is a unicorn. Don't be fooled, she is really an Owl. She assists with raid leading, has Gbank OCD and likes admin, such as studying tactics and drawing ideas to share for the raiders. She also enjoys giving people funny guild notes. She is available afternoons and evenings, except Mondays.

↣ Which platforms are used when announcements are made or important things are put up for discussion? 

Out of the game, we use three other platforms. They are the forums, the Facebook group and Discord (FB group and invite link in the Guild Info tab in-game). We try to post as much up on the forums as possible, but we find that people react quicker to Facebook and Discord announcements. However, Homework is still put up on the forums, and links to it put on Facebook and Discord.

We do encourage guildies to use the forums, they are there for you to use, post, question (with reason, of course), share etc etc.

↣ I signed up on the RaidPlaner. Will you unlock my account for me?

The Elders regularly log into the Planer to check on things, but sometimes, we don't see your name in the list. If your account isn't unlocked within a day, just poke Monaris or Xen to unlock it for you.

↣ How do I use the RaidPlaner?

Here is a specially put together for you guide to using the RaidPlanner.

↣ When does Main Raid start?

Main progression raids are every Wednesday and Thursday, 19:30 RT till 22:00 RT. We aim to pull at 19:30 RT, so make sure you are ready by 19:15 RT.

↣ Why aren't we using PL in the Main Raid?

The Main raid, or Progression Raid, is doing content that still gives gear that many people need. We decided on an EPGP system that rewards players for the efforts they put into and bring to the raids. More information can be found at the EPGP tab up top.

Farm raids (such as Normal EN and now Heroic EN for the progression raiders) are set to PL, and we encourage players not to freak out when items drop or to spam /raid with all their items at once. With large raid groups, a loot break will be set up after Dragons (3rd boss) and Cenarius (6th boss) and Xavius, where everyone can get a chance to put up items for roll.

↣ Am I needed for raid tonight?

Most raiders who sign up as Accept will be expected to join. However, should someone have to be rotated out, they will be notified at least a day in advance (especially if you're a tank). 

↣ I want to raid with the Main team.

Awesome! Firstly, give Shenshi or Xen a holler and let them know you are interested. Next, make sure you are signed up on the RaidPlaner. If there is space, we will def squeeze you in, or we will give you a shot by rotating out someone who could use a week off. Make sure you have your Discord installed and your sound is working (so you can hear us, and if you want to speak, that your mic is A-OK).

↣ What is happening with the Social/Alt raids?

The Sunday evening raid will carry on as per usual. The event will be put up on the in-game calendar, and everyone (main raiders included) are welcome to join!

↣ Who's leading the Social / Alt raid tonight?

Xenodae will be leading most of these events, but other Elders might take an evening every so often.

↣ Are there logs?

If Xen or Monaris were in the group, there is definitely logs. 

However, the logs take time to upload. When you ask Xen, she'll tell you that they'll be up in the morning since her Internet sucks balls and causes the rest of the household to lag, and you do not want to cause the DotA clan to rage because of 2 minutes lag, do you? 

Whoever does upload the logs first will post a link to it on Discord. 

But, incase you are too eager, here's the link to the Warcraft Logs Calendar

↣ I am looking at the logs from raid, but I have no idea what these squiggles and numbers mean.

Coming Soon

↣ What if I want to give another raider feedback? How do I go about it? 

All the raiders should be willing to give and receive raiding feedback at some point or another, and how people go about both of these is sometimes the problem. Some raiders give really great advice, but sound like assholes while giving it (whether they mean it or not). Some raiders don't like getting feedback from anyone other than the RLs (who often don't have time to give feedback to 28+ other people).

But, it's really simple - just approach the player and tell them that you have some feedback, are they willing to listen. Be kind with your advice, and we're sure that player will appreciate the help. If you feel you are too shy (or awkward), you can always ask an Elder to sit with you and help to give the feedback.

If someone approaches you and says that they would like to offer help, don't be rude or take it personally. You don't need to take the advice, but perhaps it'll be something important someone in the team has noticed and will change the way you play for the better. Listen with an open mind.

↣ I would like to level up a new main. What is the raid missing? 

The raid team could do with players happily playing the class and spec they are best at - but this doesn't mean we don't face restrictions. If the role you like is a limited one, such as tank or healer, you should get a DPS offspec, or focus the other way around, level a DPS spec with a tank or heal offspec. Chat with Monaris or Xen if you are thinking about it, but you are the one to decide, we won't tell you what to play (unless we have too many of a certain role). 

↣ What addons are you using?

This depends mostly on who you are asking, since each player likes to customise their addons for their own playstyle. For raiders, we do have a few recommended addons. They include:

* Raiders must have installed and updated: Deadly Boss Mods or Big Wigs, whichever the raider is comfortable with.
* A meter addon such as Skada or Recount is also mandatory (although not required to have visible during encounters).
* Keyed will give you a list of what keys other guild members have.
* Exorsus Raid Tool, for general raiding assistance, gear checks, raid cooldowns.
* Weak Auras 2 or Tell Me When which are useful to assist in spec-specific ability management.
* HealBot Continued, Grid, VuhDo or Clique can assist with keybinding, and is especially useful for healers.
* ElvUI or any other UI addon that will assist in keeping your screen neat.
* Miks Scrolling Combat Text for easy-to-read combat numbers.
* GTFO for keeping track of standing in voidzones etc.
* Tidyplates for easy-to-use player frames.
* Omen Threat Meter for tanks to keep track of aggro.
* Pawn for easy-to-use management of possible gear upgrades and impact of priority stats. 

↣ What is a Weak Aura?

Weak Auras is an addon that lets you set up different graphics for buffs, debuffs, CD's available, stacks etc etc. It's highly customisable and very powerful - you can do almost anything to make your gameplay easier with this addon.

↣ How do I make a Weak Aura?

Here is a very fancy list of videos on how to create different kinds of Weak Auras, Colin Stein's Weak Aura Tutorials

You can search on Wago for already made, importable strings to paste into your WA window.

There is also a WA Discord server that you can join to ask for help from the pros.

↣ What are the materials to make X or Y?

The best way to check (other than Wowhead.com, of course) would be to open the Guild tab in-game, change the guild list to Professions, and click on a guildie's name to see the recipes they have for that profession. This will also help you save, since you can see who has which ranks in different recipes, and who's online that can make it for you. Note: Cooking is not available on this list.

↣ How do I get an item out the Gbank?

GBank access is currently limited as we stock it up (we being the guild members, not just the Elders), so you might not be able to take out items from certain tabs. If you would like an item, feel free to whisper an Elder to take it out for you. Take note, we don't just hand out the items on most occasions, so a little something going back into the Gbank is appreciated.




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